riley human 1999 i like to make fun things
@rtaylz twitter here to make friends and share stuff
github code sometimes I write good code
itch.io games library of game related projects
blog web riley’s random ramblings
museum threejs tbd inaugural virtual community museum
kahootz club web/3js SOON! reviving my childhood tech experiences
noclip threejs 2018-11 noclip camera prototype
ideas web 2018-08 a collection of all our amazing ideas
microsnake python 2018-07 snake on a microbit
unwatched web 2018-03 never before seen youtube videos
unplayed web 2018-01 all the steam games I’ll never play
rat graphing python 2016-10 plotting neuron data from rat brains
metabot web 2016-02 a sassy little chatbot

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