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9. Bandit King

Date:     08/07/2018
Author:   Riley
Category: Game

In short, a game where you’re a lonely pauper with nowhere to go, so you decide to join a gang of bandits. I’m thinking it’ll either be a roguelike sort of genre, or something akin to skyrim in an open world. Your character will work with the bandits, doing lots of bandit side quests and stuff such as:

There could be a main quest where the aim in anarchy and to take over a certain city of group of small villages or something, and along the way you make friends with a few other bandits, and as part of the main quest some of them might die.

With everything, there could be multiple approaches. Maybe the bandit group is well trained in tactics and stealth and they organise a sneak attack to take out the town’s guards before closing the gates and pillaging everybody else. Alternatively they could just charge and run in swords blazing. This doesn’t have to be extremely advanced, and could be as simple as not attacking a family on the road if they have a young child. All the decisions can be influenced by the player, but if they’re not liked by a lot of the bandits in the group they might not have much influence over decisions.