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40. The Protagonist

Date:     07/04/2019
Author:   Riley
Category: Game

Silly little game where you are the protagonist and you need to save generic town from bad guy.

2D, probably top down with zelda-like or something like Westerado. Combat is all pretty simple, just a couple of melee and ranged weapons and a shield or something.

Everybody refers to you as the protagonist and they think you’re the person who is going to save the world or whatever the story is. But if you die, the game is all “I guess you weren’t the protagonist after all” and it’s permadeath and you get the choice to continue playing as somebody else or stop playing.

There’s also a bunch of accessibility options to make the game fully accessible, and the difficulty modes range from really hard to like easy (with options to tweak all those things), but also “story only” mode, where instead of fighting all the enemies and stuff, you can talk to them and engage them in verbal combat.

Most enemies aren’t necessarily obstacles but they could be fun as a bit of extra conversation, and some enemies who hold keys or the final boss you have to convince them to let you through or give you the answer to the puzzle. Losing conversations would damage your HP, so it’s still possible for fail states, but accessibility has that covered.