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39. Car hostage game

Date:     30/05/2019
Author:   Riley
Category: Game

You wake up in the back of a car at night time, and you don’t recognise the people sitting in the front. You’re being held hostage, it’s cold and stormy outside. You’re being forcefully escorted somewhere. You don’t know where you’re going, you don’t know who these people are, and you’re in unfamiliar territory. Good luck getting to safety.

The game would mainly consist of puzzle solving (in order to escape) and narrative dialogue with the captors so you can become more familiar with the surroundings and learn the story. Attacking the captors isn’t really an option, because they’re armed and you’re weak. Communication, timing, and problem solving are all important.

The game depends on good writing and art, and would probably only be about 30 minutes long - intended to play in one sitting. Bonus point if you’re playing it from the back seat of a car.

Here’s a shaky photo I took when I thought up the game idea:

View from the back seat of a car at night time