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1. Yawhg-like game

Date:     07/04/2018
Author:   Riley, Sponder, Faris
Category: Game

Game Name:

Objective storytelling

They have to save the future by killing the giant human.

You have to scroll through a menu of dragons and their is a golden premium button for each dragon but the only one you can pick the skin dragon. If you click the premium button, it says something like “I thought you had integrity” and then the game closes.


We start in a tavern, going out with the 8 people. Up to 8 people. Everybody chooses what they want to do, then the game tells the events. Multiple people can make the same choice.

“Crepatura occipitalis”


Time Period:
In the past, but there be time travellers and the sky has a giant fucking tear in it (a rip) as a result of time being torn by time travel shenanigans.
There’s also a giant naked angry human.

Funny, Dark

To save time