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Meta is now online

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to highlight the fact that metabot is now online. Meta is a chatbot I created at the beginning of year 11 for a computing assignment where we were tasking with either coding a chatbot or choose-your-own-adventure story.

I wanted to create the perfect AI.

I slaved away for days, prototyping with different methods of natural language processing, markov chains, and neural networks, hoping to craft my masterpiece. In order to fit the criteria of the assignment, the bot featured a scripted introduction consisting of some predefined questions. From there, it transitioned into a ‘learning’ phase, where I have some fairly crazy algorithms generating associations between words and phrases for the perfect response.

As for the version you’ll see on the site, well it’s a bit simpler. It doesn’t have a scripted introduction, and lots of the bugs have been fixed.

I also spent a few days learning about HTTP request methods, flask servers, and databases, in order to actually host the bot on the internet. This way you can interface with it from the comfort of the web - there’s no need to download any funky python code.

I can’t guarantee the conversations will be very meaningful, or make much sense. And since it learns everything people tell it, the bot might occasionally spout out some rude comments. That’s the nature of the internet unfortunately.

Regardless, it was a fun experiment and I learned lots in the process of putting it on the site.

Check meta out here.

A post by @rtaylz