Meta is now offline

Kahootz - Map Explorer

Kahootz - Decompiling assets



Virtual Community Museum!

two zero one eight


I've been busy, but busy is good

Procedurally generated building interiors?

Time Capsules

The Monty Hall Problem

Future Creep - Change of plans

Future Creep - Cave generation

I won

Feature Creep

Meta is now online

Galacticats - Random Screenshots

Site updates


Planet Tanks

The Shared Universe

Future Creep - Roguelikelikelike

Future Creep - Weapons Showcase pt. 1

Future Creep - Designing a coherent world

Future Creep - I got the minimap working

Future Creep - Procedural Levels pt. 1

The Beginning of Future Creep

Cancer and the future

On redesigning and restyling


Gamedev Club

Cat Game Updates

The Archives of David Kent

Screenshot Caturday 2

Glitch art

Shader updates

Screenshot Saturday 4

Controller support

Screenshot Saturday 3

Lieutenant Leo

Bweep Bwoop

Screenshot Caturday

Learning shaders

Screenshot Saturday 2

Camera angle test

Intro animation test video

Screenshake effect

Level Zero

Screenshot Saturday!

Cat Parkour Game!

Participating in #1GAM


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