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Screenshot Saturday 2

Hey everybody and welcome to the second Screenshot Saturday! This week I have been working on the virtual training area in cat game.

the player is standing on a platform above a pit of spikes

First off, I have implemented some particle effects into the section. When you hit spikes, the player will explode into lots of pixel-y particles. For testing I bound a key to creating the particles, but that won’t be in the final game.

You can see me jumping around and creating lots of particles in the video.

Once I added in the ability for particles to collide with each other, it resulted in some very crazy situations…

a waterfall of pixels the player is jumping above a sea of pixels pixels are exploding everywhere

With the particles tuned to my liking, I implemented a death animation. The player disappears and the particles burst outwards, scattering all over the place. Then the camera teleports to the spawn point and the player reappears in a cloud of more particles.

That’s all for this week. In next week’s Screenshot Saturday you’ll probably see some fire/explosion effects and lots of destruction as I work on the spaceship crashing scenes. Stay tuned for next time!

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