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Screenshake effect

Hey everybody,

I’ve been working on a screen shake effect for a big part of the story in my cat game, and just in general for explosions and immersion.

When you are near the completion of the tutorial/training course, there is an announcement broadcast that the ship is having technical issues inside of its gravitational matrix. Sirens start blaring and the ship goes into an emergency state, collision with the planet is imminent, and all the engines/boosters/whatever are failing.

Essentially, the ship is going to crash land on the planet.

Anyway, there are a bunch of particle effects I’ll need to make for the damaged holodeck, as well as a nice screen shake. Scripted parts of the level will explode behind you, and you basically have to get to a safe part of the ship before it crashes.

Here are some videos of the prototype screen shake effect. I really try to test the limits on this one, so just a warning for anybody who might have problems with motion sickness or flashing images.

I put a frame around the camera so you can’t see things you’re not supposed to, and also to hide the fact that I wasn’t rendering lighting outside the view.

Once I had this set up, the majority of the screen shake code was finished. The borders won’t be magenta in the final game, I just had them like that for debugging. If you look carefully, you’ll notice they don’t follow the shake perfectly, but it’s not very noticeable in action. I’ll fix it later anyway.

Eventually I want to have the screen shake affect certain physics objects, and have them move as if there’s an earthquake happening. I’m debating whether or not it’s necessary. But that’s work for another day.

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