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Hey, long time no see!

Since at least June 2018, I have been searching for a working copy of this old software I used to use as a kid in primary school called Kahootz. It’s a sort of educational movie maker toolset with a bunch of included scenes, characters and objects you could put together to make stuff, which was really awesome as a kid. Kind of similar to 3D Movie Maker.

The only problem is, the program hasn’t been available since 2012, isn’t anywhere on the internet (since the name kahootz is now used by many other things), and it’s Australian and had a relatively niche interest group of a few schoolkids born between like 1995 and 2000. Not available on ebay, nor amazon, nor any bookstores. I even checked with my local primary school to see if they still had any copies laying around - nope!

However, I did manage to locate a single copy of Kahootz 3.1 Home Edition being held in a library somewhere ~2 hours away in a real rural town. I was lucky enough for my Dad to surprise me and pick it up one day. I got the disk out, loaded it into my laptop, and started to copy everything off to make a backup that I could use and share around.

My laptop managed to copy about 60% before it the progress bar just got stuck. Broken, confused, I stop the copying and take the disk out. It’s super scratched up, something I hadn’t noticed in my excited rush to get a copy of the game.

I try cleaning the disk to no avail, I try copying everything else, doesn’t seem to work. In the end I’m ultimately left with a useless CD that I have to return to the library, and half of the kahootz CD. I also get a few friends to look at the CD, but they have no more success than me, so I upload whatever files I recovered to the internet archive and pretty much forget about the whole thing.

Until the other week, when another friend came up to me and just casually mentioned he has a personal copy of Kahootz 2 that his mum bought him around 2007…

Screenshot of a church in Kahootz 2

I also put Kahootz 2 on the internet archive for anybody interested.

But something still isn’t right with me. This is Kahootz 2, not 3; it’s a much older version that doesn’t have a lot of the scenes and features I remember so vividly. I’m not completely satisfied so I go down another internet rabbit-hole trying to find a more recent version.

And lo and behold, those broken files I uploaded to the internet archive were what led me to success. One of the people who commented on my broken files had actually uploaded a working copy of Kahootz 3.

The much more detailed interface of Kahootz 3 showing a swimming pool scene


The kahootz project stuff will be on http://kahootz.club/ shortly.

I’ll post my adventures decompiling this and exploring the tool over the coming weeks, there’s some pretty interesting stuff in there. Plenty to come!

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