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Feature Creep

One of the biggest problems I’ve come across on my own projects is feature creep.

It’s where you kind of add things as you go, and then keep on adding unrelated things until eventually the whole scale of the project is out of proportion with the initial vision.

Sometimes an iterative approach to creating things can be beneficial. Other times it can be extremely detrimental and result in all your time being wasted. I like to imagine a lot of early access projects never shipping because the devs either couldn’t handle the scale, or lost sight of their original vision.

However, I like to live on the edge.

Bored of a project? I move on.

It’s not that I’m disloyal to an idea, but I don’t see the point in continuing to pour so much effort into something with diminishing returns. Some may argue that you should finish everything you start - you shouldn’t give up. You don’t need to finish at the end, you’re better off wasting that time on something more important.


Oh and Project2, that game I’m making with that stupid scope and complete lack of planning? Think I’m going to call it Future Creep. Seems to describe the plot pretty well.

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