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Future Creep - Roguelikelikelike

Hey everybody,

Just some quick thoughts I was having today about the scope of this project and how soon I plan to finish everything and get something out the door.

When adding features into the game I aim to give them a purpose. A sense of belonging, as if they somehow add to the project as a whole. Features like enemies are somewhat important for a twin-stick shooter, and you can’t really have a roguelike without procedural generation. Or can you?

Currently I’m not very happy with my fixed path approach, where you get handed some instructions and a grand quest to travel from point A to B and collect an item which supposedly saves the world. It fits all the criteria, and the forwards/backwards progression works for a roguelike setting, but it’s simultaneously too restrictive and too complicated.

I want something simple, I want to make this game as easy to put on as a pair of slippers on a cold morning.

I don’t want to be working on this game in 2+ months without something you can play from end to finish. Even if it’s super small. There’s no reason extra content can’t be added to the middle of the burger, but you can’t sell a burger without any buns.

At least, that’s how I’m going to approach this from now on. Wish me luck!

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