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Future Creep - Weapons Showcase pt. 1

Hey everybody,

Today I’m going to show off a few basic weapons that have been implemented into the game so far. Nothing too exciting, just felt like posting some screenshots and things. Read on if you dare…

The Rock

The first weapon is a rock. Pretty standard tool, used for thousands of years by cavemen and cavewomen and cavechildren. Rocks are particularly useful for smashing things, like boxes and skulls.

Since I’m not planning on implementing some form of melee weapon at this stage, the rock will be the closest ally to anything melee related. You can’t shoot things with rocks, you just throw them. Regardless of your user input, or whether you tuck him in at night, he will happily launch himself towards the target. It’s a simple, effective, stone cold killer.

Pros: Good at smashing things, high damage, rock-only speedruns (?)
Cons: Must be retrieved after throw

The Pistol

Pretty standard run-of-the-mill pea-shooting pistol. A handy firearm which is reliable and accurate. Damage output isn’t fantastic, but it doesn’t need to do much damage to resolve a heated argument.

Has a fairly decently sized clip, and not too much recoil. Great for popping balloons and clowns.

Pros: Simple, non-discriminatory, shoots in a straight line
Cons: Fairly boring, not very strong

The Splatgun

Initially introduced into the game as a sick practical joke from the developers, the splatgun was used to launch balls of blood into the eyes of your enemies. Since blood is such a rarity in the apocalypse, it has been repurposed to shoot paint now instead.

Still just as fun for decorating your room or hunting dorks in the forest, your mileage may vary.

Pros: Great for blinding and distracting enemies
Cons: Doesn’t do much damage

The Shotgun

Fairly standard pellet-firing blast weapon. Medium spread, and does less damage the further you get from your target. The preferred weapon of the redneck.

Not much to say about this, hahaha. Probably more effective against groups of enemies. Does more damage than the pistol if you shoot something in the face, but you have to get close to do the big damage, otherwise it’s mediocre at best.

Also doesn’t look anything like a shotgun, I took some creative liberties with this one.

Pros: Blasty, loud, fun to use
Cons: Limited effectiveness at range

The Flamer

This is a weapon of beauty… firing a 12ft stream of burning gas directly at anything you’d like to barbecue. Includes enough firepower to feed a large family gathering, with enough extra fuel to cook one.

I’m still yet to implement any fire-spreading mechanics, but eventually fire will be able to spread between anything flammable. Stand back as you watch your mortal enemies burn into ashes, and be careful not to cause any wildfires!

Pros: Large area of attack, lights things on fire
Cons: Addictive to use, difficult to control

That’s everything I’ve had time to implement so far. My primary focus for the moment hasn’t been on weapons, but I wanted to get some variety in to allow me to test the different systems and enemy styles.

Certain tools might work better against different enemy types, people may have varying playstyles, and the differing ammo/damage constraints provide some variety to (hopefully) make the gameplay a bit more interesting.

Whether you snipe all your enemies from a distance or get up close and personal is up to you, I’m simply providing the tools for you to decide.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

A post by @rtaylz