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Cat Parkour Game!

Hi everyone!

I’m making a game which involves lots of parkour, kitty cats and big guns. Exciting!

The story is about a race of space cats who have their food supplies mysteriously vanish. They send out spaceships to different sectors of the galaxy on a mission to find a new source of food, and discover Earth on the way. Humans are perceived as the dominant species of the planet and have ‘enslaved’ cats as pets. You play as Sergeant Scratchett, a Galactic Wing Commander for the SS Catnip, on an adventure to liberate the cats and find the missing food!

That’s about all I can say at the moment. You’ll learn more about the story as I progress with the development. I’ll be sure to post lots of gameplay screenshots on this blog. I guess you could call this a pet project.

I’ll probably upload some screenshots of random things that I’m working on, as well as concept art and demos for you guys to play. I promise there will be lots of cat photos.

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