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The Beginning of Future Creep

Hey everybody!

I’ve been working on a game for a few days, and I’ve got a friend who is writing some prompts / story elements for it. The initial idea given to me was this:

Climate change has wreaked havoc on the earth and humans now live underground but are periodically required to rise to the surface to collect materials to survive. Could be a survivor game or horror game idk. Metro 2033 esque possibly.

From there, I decided on a few key elements in the core gameplay loop. I’m not much of an artist, I’m familiar with 2D, and I really wanted to jam this out and get something playable together as quickly as possible. I decided I wanted to make a horror roguelite, and it would be something of a mix between binding of isaac and nuclear throne.

No planning, just get in there and develop things as quickly as possible before my next cycle of chemotherapy.

A common pattern of my previous projects is that I would often hit roadblocks when I had something that needed art done, whether it was character designs or level art, it would stop me from being able to work on the project. I’m not sure if anybody else has this issue, and it’s largely something I need to work on getting over, but it has been enough for me to sometimes abandon projects.

One of the design decisions I made here was to have the visuals be only in black and white. It allows me to give higher contrast to objects of interest, and stops me from worrying about colours and hues in the art.

Since I’m not too keen on having the game in black and white, I apply a colour filter over the top which allows me to set the mood of the level. This can be changed when the player gets injured, or show the difference between an indoor and outdoor environment, simply through the colour of the filter. Of course, I have the option to disable this for accessibility.

From there, I added a sidebar for displaying UI and stats. Also added in some weapons and breakable crates.

The bottom right corner will eventually hold a minimap

It wasn’t long before I started designing the UI, including things like ammo, experience (you can level up individual weapons), and a novelty kill counter for each gun.

Weapons can be thrown, ammo boxes collected, and I quickly included a handy controls overlay which can be toggled with use of F1.

And so far, the game is turning out fairly solid - especially since I started less than a week ago.

I’ll have some more content up soon, as well as some gifs and procedural generation goodness, I just wanted to get this post out as quickly as possible. Right now the plan is to have a playable demo out before Monday, although I don’t think I’ll make it at this stage.

Hopefully I can show you more gameplay next time, or get into some of the adventures I’ve been having with procedurally generated levels.

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