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I’ve spent waaaay too much time working on the lighting in this game for it to be healthy. I promise that I’m finished now, and this will be the last post about it. It’s done, I’m happy with it.

I’d gone over a few iterations and attempts to get shadows in the past, but they all ended up too slow, clunky, or just didn’t work. That’s why I kept just the basic lighting system for a while.

But after some time away from the project, I dived head-first into getting shadows completed. If I try to explain the technical process of getting the shadows to work I’ll be here forever. Essentially, it combines ideas from both these 2D pixel perfect shadows and the NAILS prototype. I think it looks great and really adds a lot of visual depth to the game.

I’ve put together a video showcasing the differences in lighting versions. Watch it in fullscreen for the best experience!

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