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The Archives of David Kent

After sorting out my PC and Google Drive, I somehow stumbled across some old files and executables of a game that I put together more than 3 years ago. This was my first attempt at making a full game and it was… special.

For those of you who don’t know, I worked on and off David Kent for about a year, posting videos on youtube and updates on a different blog. Both the youtube channel and blog are gone now, and I’m never coming back to this game. I certainly was a lot less mature and less skilled in the craft of gamedev, and in some ways I’m happy I’ve moved on from this project, but it’s still a great reminder of the past.

David Kent was a physics action platformer (terrible combination, I know) about a man who had been teleported to the future after trying to commit suicide. A prophecy foretold that he is the only man who could save the world from an evil billionaire who had destroyed the environment after dumping toxic waste everywhere. And that’s the simple version of the story.

Here are some screenshots:

David Kent roaming through a jungle David fell over in the desert David standing next to a pile of crates David destroying crates with a bow and arrow. Money is falling out everywhere The quickselect UI for changing weapons A menu for buying weapons

I’ve sorted them chronologically, and you can see how some of the art had progressed over time.

I don’t feel comfortable releasing the project files or executables since they contain some fairly personal information and were made in a fairly dark time in my life. It’s really strange for me to go through different versions and remember the events happening and things going through my head at the time.

And this was back when I didn’t know how to do anything. I was learning everything as I built the game, and the code is very messsy and buggy. I’m sure there are still a few stolen sprite and music assets in there as well.

Maybe I’ll show you guys some of my other old games some day. Who knows.

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