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Screenshot Caturday 2

Hi all!

I’m finally back. I had a great holiday, went snorkelling and rock climbing, and explored lots of tropical Queensland. I already want to go back just because the weather was so nice up there - Melbourne has really bad weather right now.

Anyway, this week I’ve been working on the destruction/tearing of the level when everything glitches out and breaks. You’ve seen some of the effects that I can do with shaders already, but this week I have a lot more to show.

Here is some of the tearing and glitching that happens in the virtual gym area:

some basic masking effects behind the level more masking but this time with an interesting border and tiles behind this time the masking isn't just in the background the masking/tear is combined with some glitch shaders

The tears are tricky to do, because it has to create a window in the level. It’s too difficult to actually animate holes in the background - I would need huge textures which requires lots of animation and memory. Instead, I’m using a shader to mask anything with a certain colour, essentially making it transparent, and then drawing another view inside of that window. The code itself is fairly simple, but took a while to figure out how to do it smoothly and make it look good.

After that I started to work on explosions, but got distracted coding other shaders. I got distracted coding some delicious fractal noise, and created a cool effect by limiting it to two colours. I can change the threshold of the effect to change the ratio of the colours, but I think it produces the most interesting images at 50%.

Then I figured out that I could apply the transparency shader to this and create some cool tearing/dissolving effects. By animating the threshold in the shader, this could be used to transition between multiple different scenes…

Which gives me this really cool tearing effect that I could combine with the glitching:

some cool pink and black tears covering the screen

The fuchsia colour is what it looks like before I apply a shader to mask out the layer. I figured I would leave in some black edges because it looks nicer than a direct transition to the pink.

the tear effect showing through to space more tearing through to space, thuis time in the virtual obstacle course

And now I have a really cool tearing effect which I can use with the glitch!

That’s all I’ve done this week. Still settling in to the cold melbourne weather and spending far too much time making shaders. I didn’t realise how fun and logical they were until I started, and I still don’t really know what I’m doing with them.

Have a good weekend!

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