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Screenshot Saturday 4

I’m writing this super early in the morning on Sunday because I can’t sleep, but happy Screenshot Saturday to everybody else in the world!

This week I haven’t made too much progress because of exams, and I spent all of today at a party, so I’m exhausted right now. Hopefully, this all makes sense when I publish it.

First off, I was going through the beginning of the intro (there’s a bit of story and stuff), and right before you play the character there is a cutscene showing the spaceship arriving at the planet. I decided to make the planet visible from the ship because stars are boring. I also changed some of the parallax, so the layering isn’t so messed up, and it doesn’t look like the planet is right next to the window.

the starting area with planet earth seen through the window the player looking into space. in the background: earth

I need to get some proper artists in on this project - I don’t think my programmer art will work the whole way through, and I can’t draw to save my life. Right now instead of having an animation for the planet rotation, I’m just concealing most the sprite and rotating it around the middle. If you stand there for long enough you can see it, but most people won’t notice.

a leaderboard showing obstacle course times

I’ve also started to put together a kind of leaderboard prototype, but it’s very boring right now. I didn’t have time to fix up spacing and everything this week; I only just got timing working.


Here’s what the finished leaderboard looks like! Positions are all calculated properly and the visuals work regardless of your positioning.

the finished leaderboard

There are also a few slight changes to the level design, and the editor is starting to get messy with all the triggers I’m using.

a preview of the first level in the gamemaker room editor

That’s all I have to show you this week. I’m going to sleep now. :)


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