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Screenshot Saturday 3

It’s that time of week again - Screenshot Saturday.

This week I figured out that making the game fullscreen breaks everything.

the game seen not rendering properly

I created an RGB glitch effect for when the virtual reality thing goes bonkers, and it looks really cool. It’s not supposed to affect the spaceship, but I was using this area for testing.

It won’t be that intense or obvious when fully implemented, otherwise everybody playing this game will die from intense nausea and projectile vomiting.

I also added in a timer and scoreboard for the training area, so people can see how skilled they are at parkour.

the player in the obstacle course with a timer

It counts to minutes and beyond, and then the time is displayed on a leader-board at the end of the level.

That’s all I have this week, because I’ve been super busy studying for exams. I’ll have more time to work on this game after exams, at least until I leave for Queensland on camp.

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